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Motivation for runners – No excuses!

Posted on Mar 22, 2003 under Running | No Comment

I know it’s hard, running that is.

It’s been written so often that the most difficult thing about running is getting up to run… and boy has this been a real problem lately.

It’s so quick to skip a run here and there and suddenly a month or two has passed. The belly gets a little bigger, my excuse being why should I let my wife be alone in her pregnancy, the legs get a little stiffer, the chest gets a little tighter as well as the once baggy pants. I’m sure we have all been there.

But how do we get out of the gutter and onto the road ?

BE SELFISH and skip the shell-fish.

Examine the excuses you have been using

1. I had a late night
If it’s a once off, fine, don’t run. It it’s the fourth time this week, try a change in lifestyle. If you are in my industry managing two restaurants, find time during the day and still get the “normal” seven hours sleep. My friend John Walland of 5fm, works some days from 1-4am, then the breakfast show from 6am, then the afternoon with Darren Scott and still finds time to run. Still not sure how ? Discuss your “busy” day with someone that is equally busy and finds time to run and they will show you how to make time.

2. I need to help with the kids
There are very few things in this world better than spending time with your children. There is however a difference between spending time and spending quality time. Make a special time twice a week for an hour or two for just you and the kid(s). They will appreciate the quality time and you will be relaxed knowing that you aren’t supposed to be somewhere else. Consider including your kids when you run – find a field and let them play in the middle while you do your laps

3. I need to get the work out
It’s a well known fact – if you want something done, give it to a busy person who plans their day well. The better the body – the better the mind. We all have work pressure and in today’s competitive climate, we all have to perform better than the other person. There is however a limit and one that you have to find. I suggest you read the book by Stephen Covey on the habits of successful people. There is a diagram of how to become “life” centered and not work centered. Read it and do the exercise – it’s so easy and will change your life

4. I’ll go out tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away – and will always be.

I have started again. A slow 30min yesterday and another 30min today. It was great to get back out although the quads needed a little pampering today. I’ll get over missing Two Oceans and Comrades this year with the knowledge that I am back on the road.

Best of luck – if you need a kick in the butt, e-mail me, I’ll kick with pleasure.