Two Oceans Ultra Marathon entries 2015

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Online entries for the 2015 Two Oceans Ultra Marathon open at 10am on Wednesday, 29 October 2014. The 46th Ultra Marathon will take place on Easter Saturday, 4 April 2015, and the entry limit of 11 000 runners is once again expected to be reached. Entries for the popular Two Oceans Half Marathon are only opening from the 13 November or 19 November 2014 for general entries.

Two oceans marathon entry registrationTo qualify for participation in the Ultra Marathon, runners must have completed at least one full marathon (42.2km) after 1 July 2014 in under five hours. However, runners do not have to pre-qualify to enter and can submit their qualifying times at a later stage.

South African Ultra Marathon entrants are also required to belong to a registered running club and have a valid running licence. No temporary licences will be issued to Ultra Marathon runners.

All registration is happening online at and it’s suggested to pre-fill your application in advance:

Old Mutual’s R1 million challenge

In addition to the prize money that can be won by the Ultra Marathon winners, title sponsor Old Mutual has once again issued its R1 million challenge to the winning male and female runner who respectively breaks the record for the 56km Ultra Marathon in 2015.

The men’s record of 3:03:44 was set in 1988 by road running legend Thompson Magawana, while Frith van der Merwe set the women’s record a year later in 1989 when she ran 3:30:36.

The closest any runner has come since then is Zimbabwean Marko Mambo, who ran 3:05:39 in 2005, and who has won the race three times. Russian Olesya Nurgalieva ran the second fastest women’s time in 2008 when she crossed the finish line in 3:34:53.

This will be the 16th year that Old Mutual sponsors this prestigious road race.

Online queueing system introduced for Half Marathon entries

In an effort to alleviate pressure on the online entry system, and to give runners a fair chance to enter, the organisers are introducing an online queueing system as already used by the likes of Computicket and the Cape Town Cycle Tour. The Half Marathon is limited to 16 000 entries.

Blue and Light Blue Number holders may enter from 10am on 5 November 2014 (by invitation only). Runners with valid SA running club licences may enter from 10am on 13 November 2014. General entries will open at 10am on 19 November 2014.

Entries will be limited during these three entry waves to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to secure their spot at the start line. Entries into the popular Trail Runs (10km & 22km) will open at 10am on 4 December 2014. Trail entries are limited and sold out within minutes in 2013, and it is expected to happen again this year. Entries to the Fun Runs that take place on Friday, 3 April 2014, will open on 24 November 2014 and close on 22 March 2015.

Runners can also join the online conversation using the #OMTOM2015 hashtag

Men’s Health Lighthouse Ten Run 2010 in Mouille Point, Cape Town

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I am very happy to find out that the Men’s Health Lighthouse Ten is going to happen again in 2010 as it was very difficult finding details on it.
The Men’s Health 10km Lighthouse run takes place on Wednesday, 3 March 2010 along the Sea Point promenade at 6:15pm.

The eight in a series of annual lighthouse races the 10km run starts at the Mouille Point Lighthouse in the direction of the V&A Waterfront. It then doubles back along the promenade toward Bantry Bay before returning to the finish at the Lighthouse.

Over 1800 runners are expected to complete the popular Men’s Health 10km run and collect this years “Hangklip 1960” medal. A refreshment tent and a live DJ will keep the spectators entertained as they cheer their loved ones along as the sun sets on the horizon.

Registration opens at 4:45pm on Wednesday, 3 March. Costs: licensed seniors (R25), licensed juniors (R15), unlicensed seniors (R40), unlicensed juniors (R25). The event is organised in conjunction with the Atlantic Athletic Club.

RULES AND INFORMATION for the 2010 Men’s Health Lighthouse Ten Run

1. Race starts and finishes at the Mouille Point Lighthouse, Beach Rd, between the V&A Waterfront and Sea Point.
2. Participants must be 15 years or older on race day.
3. Licensed club members must wear their 2010 licence numbers on the front and back of their vest.
4. Unlicensed participants must purchase a Temporary Licence at registration and wear this on the front of their upper garment.
5. In addition to overall (open) prizes, participants will only be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter. Corresponding numerical age category (J, 40, 50, 60) tags must be worn on the front and back of their club vest. Participants may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger category down to senior.
6 Juniors (born 1991 or later) will count towards open team prizes, provided they wear club colours and J tags.
7 Club colours must be worn to qualify for team prizes.
8. Traffic officials and marshals must be obeyed at all times, failing which disqualification may follow.
9. There will be 3 water points on the course and Coke at the finish.
10. Race entry cards to be worn and be visible for the duration of the race.
11. Registration from 16h45 on day of race only.
12. Temporary licensed participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group, wear the appropriate age tags and provide proof of age.
13. Official cut off is 1 hour 30 minutes.
14. Prize giving will start at 19h45.
15. No seconding from a moving vehicle or bicycle will be permitted.
16. Each kilometre will be marked.
17. Results will be posted on the WPA website
18. Athletes enter entirely at their own risk. The organisers and sponsors are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury to participants.
19. Medals will be handed to the first 1800 finishers.
20. Tog bag facilities will be provided. Organisers will take reasonable care but will not be responsible for any loss. Do not leave valuables in your bag.

Peninsula Marathon 2010 route description

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We are now happy to provide with you an exact route profile and description, kilometer by kilometer for the 2010 BDO Peninsula Marathon:

START In Main Road to Fish Hoek, at the southern side of the Dido Valley robot intersection next to the robots, facing north.
Runners run on the right hand side of the road whilst running out along Main road until they reach Hillside road where they
cross over to the left hand side of the road and continue on that side until the Glencairn Expressway intersection
1 In Main Road to Fish Hoek, opposite Dixie’s on LHS
2 In Main Road to Fish Hoek, 100m before lookout point on RHS after Glencairn, and opposite large granite rock on LHS
3 In Main Road to Fish Hoek, 35m after yellow fire hydrant on LHS. Cross over to left at Hillside road
4 In Main Road to Fish Hoek, at Ballycline steps on lhs
5 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek, 5m before pedestrian crossing at False Bay College, just past bus stop on RHS
6 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek, 3m after robots at intersection with 17th Ave
7 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek, 8m after chevron sign on LHS just after 20th Ave ( road to FHAC)
8 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek, 100m before robots at Glencairn Expressway intersection
Runners turn left at these robots and cross over immediately to the right hand side of the road as they run over Black Hill
9 Black Hill, 15m after start of white slabs on RHS before arm curve barrier and 30m after 90km/hr sign on LHS
10 Black Hill, 100m before roadway on RHS to gate into TMNP area, just before top of Black Hill
11 Black Hill, 100m after half marathon 13km mark, opposite embankment on LHS, after crest of hill
12 Black Hill, half way down Black Hill, 30m before speed limit enforcement sign on LHS and 30m after M6N sign on RHS
13 Black Hill, near bottom of Black Hill, 20m after 90km/hr sign on RHS before Total garage
Runners then turn right onto Main Road and continue running on the right hand side of the road until they reach Red Hill
14 Main Road to Simonstown, at ‘No stopping” sign opposite entrance to Glencairn Station on LHS
15 Main Road to Simonstown, 8m before third entrance to old Marine Oil refinery on RHS
Runners then run over Red hill staying on the left hand side of the road.
16 Red Hill Road, 20m after Main Road intersection, just after entrance to bus depot on RHS
17 Red Hill Road, amongst Blue gum trees, 12m before hairpin bend sign on RHS
18 Red Hill Road, 70m after hairpin bend sign on RHS
19 Red Hill Road, 150m before hairpin bend sign before view site on LHS
20 Red Hill Road, 75m after Brookland Water scheme turn off on RHS
21 Red Hill Road, at top of Red hill
21,1 Red Hill Road, just after top of Red Hill, at entrance to Winford farm on RHS
22 Red Hill Road, half way down red Hill 30m before parking area for bus stop on RHS
23 Red Hill Road, on way down Red Hill 15m before last set of shacks on RHS, opposite large burnt our pine tree on LHS
Runners bear left at the bottom of Red Hill and then cross over to the right hand side of the road and continue on that
side of the road until the finish in Simonstown
24 Road to Cape Point, (M62) 80m before Cape Point Vineyards sign on LHS
25 Road to Cape Point, (M62) 100m before entrance to Cape point nursery on LHS
26 Road to Cape Point, (M62) 5m after fire hydrant and 20m before transformer on pole on RHS
27 Road to Cape Point, (M62) 1m before white culverts
28 Road to Cape Point, (M62) 50m after white bridge
29 Road to Cape Point, (M62) 80m before culverts on either side of the road, in row of pine trees
30 Road to Cape Point,(M62) 80m before white culvert on RHS on hill up to Cape Point entrance
31 Road to Cape Point, (M62), 6m after horses sign on RHS, 100m after Cape Point Ostrich Farm entrance on LHS
32 Road to Simonstown, (M62), just after descent to SmitWinkels Bay, 80m after big pine tree on LHS
33 Road to Simonstown, (M62), 5m before white bridge on LHS, on RH bend
34 Road to Simonstown, (M62), 100m before Millar’s Point on RHS, and opposite steep embankment on RHS, 2m after manhole
35 Road to Simonstown, (M62), on LH bend opposite rocky cliffs on LHS and 100m before parking area on RHS
36 Road to Simonstown, (M62), 15m after two big white painted rocks on RHS, and 20m after driveway on LHS
37 Road to Simonstown, (M62), 80m before entrance to Black Marlin restaurant on RHS
38 Road to Simonstown, (M62), at driveway next to tall pine tree on RHS
39 Road to Simonstown, (M62), half way along metal fence on RHS, 35m before LH intersection sign on LHS
40 Road to Simonstown, (M62), 3m before wooden fence on RHS just before start of Cape Times Fresh Air Fund complex
on LHS
41 Road to Simonstown, (M62), next to Dunearn on RHS, just before school on LHS
Runners the turn right into Martello Drive and then proceed onto the field at the north eastern corner of the field
42 Martello Drive, half way down road to naval sports fields
42,195 Naval Sports ground fields, Simonstown, on halfway line of soccer field facing south

START Main Road Simonstown, at intersection to access road to Simonstown Museum on RHS, facing north, and opposite
Waterfall Road on LHS
Runners run on the right hand side of the road whilst running out along Main road until they reach the Fish Hoek taraffic
1 Main Road to Fish Hoek, half way alon row of white townhouses as you leave simonstown on LHS
2 Main Road to Fish Hoek,8m before white bus shelter on RHS before Dido Valley Road intersection
3 Main Road to Fish Hoek, 10m before Warbler Way on LHS
4 Main Road to Fish Hoek,on hill out of Glencairn, opposite cul du sac on LHS , before Whale viewing are on RHS
5 Main Road to Fish Hoek, 30m before yellow man hole cover on opposite side of road
6 Main Road to Fish Hoek,opposite no 56 Main Road, Fish hoek, “N’yhoba Lodge”
The runners then cross over to the left hand side of the road at the Fish Hoek Traffic Circle and run against the traffic
along Kommetjie Road
7 Kommetjie Road, 20m after 7th Ave and 5m after start of brick wall on LHS
8 Kommetjie Road, at False Bay Hospital sign, 30m before robots at 17th Ave
9 Kommetjie Road, 15m after 20th Ave Fish Hoek, ( FH Athletic Club)
10 Kommetjie Road, 15m after Black Hill/Chapmans Peak Drive direction boad on LHS, 200m before Black Hill Robots
Runners carry on running until the robot on the centre island of the Black Hill/Kommetjie Road intersection before
turning left to proceed up and over Black Hill running within the orange shoulder line against the traffic on the RHS
11 On Black Hill, 20m before 90km/hr sign on LHS as you start going up Black Hill, next to woodcutters on RHS
12 On Black Hill, at start of straight leading up to the top of Black Hill
13 On Black Hill, 500m after top of Black Hill, on RH bend and just past rocky outcrop on LHS
14 Half way down Black Hill 50m before M6N sign on RHS
15 20m before 60km/hr sign on LHS near bottom of Black Hill
Runners take the access road for Black Hill and then cross over to the left hand side of Main road, and continue running
with the traffic all the way to the finish at the Naval Sports grounds
16 Main Road to Simonstown,7m after robot sign on LHS after brick bus shelter on LHS
17 Main Road to Simonstown, 5m after first gate to old Marine Oil refinery, just after graveyard on RHS
18 Main Road to Simonstown, next to blue bench on LHS and 50m before Redhill turnoff
19 Main Road Simonstown, 5m after M4/ Runciman Drive turnoff sign on LHS
20 Jubilee square Simonstown, next to bus stop sign on lamppost on LHS
21 1 m before sidescreen just before entering Naval Sports ground fields ,Simonstown,
21,1 Naval Sports ground fields ,Simonstown, on halfway line of soccer field facing south

2010 BDO Peninsula Marathon registration closing soon

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Only a few days left to register for the 2010 BDO Peninsula Marathon and Half Marathon. Closing date for Entries is midnight on 14th February 2010 – to enter for the BDO Peninsula Marathon and Half Marathon click here and register online.

Due to restrictions in the vicinity of the Cape Town Stadium and road works in Muizenberg, the routes for the 42km and 21km will remain similar to those used for 2009, starting and finishing in Simonstown. Both races start at 6am. Although challenging with several hills, they offer ideal training for Two Oceans and Comrades.

A Helpers’ Run will again be held the week before the actual race to allow Celtics members to assist with marshalling or helping at a refreshment station. Times will be recorded and can be used to qualify for Two Oceans and Comrades.

BDO Peninsula Marathon

Useful Information and distances:

Martello Road to start of 21.1km                   1500 meters

Martello Road to Jubilee Square                  900 meters

Jubilee Square to start 21.1 km                  600 meters

42.2 km start from 21.1 km start                  2100 meters

Martello Road to start of 42.2 km                  3600 meters

The Table Mountain Challenge 2009

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The Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge 2009, a 35km trail run around Cape Town’s world-famous mountain, has been firmly established as one of South Africa’s premier off-road running events.

Both professional athletes and novice runners can enjoy the off-road course traversing the fynbos slopes of the Cape’s mythical mountain.

Either take on the full circumnavigation as a solo athlete, or enter a team of three for the individual legs of between 8 – 17km.

Along the way, competitors will run through indigenous forest, cross mountain streams and pass through the pristine Orange Kloof area, so don’t miss out!

The Table Mountain Challenge 2009 will kick off at 07h00 on September 12th, so make a note in your calendar right now. Competitors may either enter via email or can call +27 (0)21 424 4760 for more information. More news about the Table Mountain Challenge to follow soon here on

The Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge:

Date: Saturday, 12 September 2008
Venue: Table Mountain
Location: Cape Town