A new family – running for a purpose

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When I decided to take up running in 1998 it was only due to the fact that I got injured at soccer after some 20 years on the field. It was either go under the knife or retire. Retirement seemed the best route as the younger players seemed to be getting the better of my age.

I didn’t know anything about running or the unity of the running community. In soccer, there was always bitter rivalry between clubs which often was decided by a harsh tackle, a head-butt or even a full player and spectator brawl.

I joined Randburg Harriers as it was in between my house and a friends. We were both welcomed with open arms and a friendly smile. A new home – a new family.

In business as an accountant in public practice, I found that people cared for one thing – themselves and their well being. How to avoid this and evade that. Many a task was performed beyond the normal accounting call and only to be “negotiated” on the fee. Further, criminals hiding behind the corporate curtain and lengthy legal jargon left a bitter taste and finally led to me closing shop after eight years.

Throughout the bitter business battles, the one thing I could always rely on was that the road would welcome me every morning with a huge smile and the odd “tears from heaven”.

The question is often asked – why do you run?

My answer – I run for a purpose.

I run to better myself, I run for my family, I run for others via charity, I run for my income, I run to spend time by myself, I run to enjoy natures beauty, I run because I love it – I run for a Purpose.

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