KPMG Varsity Kudus 15km race 2003 and 2004 report

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Sunday 4th January 2004

Just read last years report and although I did the same time as last year, a 1:37, this year seemed a lot easier. The route isn’t as hilly as stated – next year may change my mind – but its really a quite fast race.

This year I went out with John Walland and Bruce Fordyce, for a slow race – they left me at the 2km board. I wasn’t up for a race so early in the year. I caught John with a few km’s to go after Bruce blew him off as well.

KPMG is one of those races that although no medal or t-shirt, just the same old beer glass, it’s a great race to start the year with.

A great day to see the faces after the festive season, some more festive than others…

Sunday 05 January 2003

This is a tough course and specially tough after the festive season’s parties and reduced training.

What we have come to expect from the race is a well organised race, easy access, good water tables and good marshals. The race today didn’t disappoint.

Cool weather made the first half easy running with it getting a little hotter later but certainly not like the scorchers we have been having lately.

There seemed to be larger crowd than last year but certainly encouraging for the sponsors that their race is being well attended.

The person who selected the course must be a sadistic physio. They seemed to have found every hill possible Where they could go flat, they go big. Why a physio – well I’m sure that many will be contacting their physio on Monday with a little niggle here or there.

My right hamstring didn’t want to be left out once again and although not as severe as Soweto, certainly made sure that I ha a slow race. It was one of those races that I felt I was running a steady pace but seemed to be loosing minutes between markers In 2002 I did an easy 1:23, this year 1:37 – why, I don’t know and will put it down to less training over November / December and too much of hosting parties, going to parties and well just parties (and that’s my work – not all play)

See you next year….

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