How to enter Comrades Marathon 2010

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The overwhelming response for entries for the 2009 Comrades Marathon is hopefully a sign of the excellent interest in the Comrades Marathon. The 17% increase in race entries this year must be attributed to the extensive marketing campaign undertaken by the CMA, both locally and abroad.

The 2010 Comrades Marathon also coincides with the 85th anniversary of The Ultimate Human Race. 2010 will see the race run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban, a down run. The CMA announced that there will be a commemorative “double-down” medal for  all novice runners that complete this years and next years race. The CMA will enter into an extensive marketing campaign, through various mediums, as well as road shows across South Africa. The CMA has also put in place a comprehensive international marketing campaign, the first step of which has been achieved with the appointment of International Ambassadors across Europe, South and North America, and Australia.

Entry numbers for the 2010 and 85th anniversary of the Comrades Marathon will be cut off at 20,000 runners, and no extensions will be entered into, thus making the 2010 run a special event as the CMA has never had a cut off number in the past. We are confident that this number will be achieved very quickly as in 2000 we received 24,000 entries. Therefore we urge all runners and potential runners that wish to run in 2010 to take careful note of the entry process and the cut off dates. We therefore request that you enter early to avoid disappointment. Entries will be done in 2 phases.

Phase 1:
1 September 2009: Entries open to all previous Comrades Runners and will close 31 October 2009. The total will be capped at 15,000 entrants.

Phase 2:
1 November 2009: Entries open to all Novices and will close on 30 November 2009. Total number of entries will be capped at 20,000. Thus should there only be 12,000 entries from previous runners, there would be 8,000 entries accepted for Novices.

Qualifying period for 2010 will be as follows: 24 May 2009 to 26 April 2010. Runners who finish the 2009 Comrades Marathon can use their finishing time for 2010.

As in 2009, runners will be able to enter before they qualify. This means while all entries will have to meet the entry criteria above, runners will still be allowed to qualify in official qualifying races up until the month of April, with the 26th April as the final cut-off date. Upon qualification, runners simply need to give the time and details of the qualifying race through to the CMA office. Upon receiving the qualifying information the runner’s entry will be confirmed.

Race Day is Sunday 30 May 2010.

12 Responses to “How to enter Comrades Marathon 2010”

  1. LAKIDI OCHI Says:

    I want to register for 2010 walking race but i failed to find the details,can you please held me and send me more info?

  2. LAKIDI OCHI Says:

    I need to know how much is needed to register and all other required thing.Am coming from Uganda

  3. Konstant Lourens Says:

    I have never run the Comrades Marathon before! How do I Qualify?

  4. Sel Andrews Says:

    i’ve never run the comrades OR any other race. How do i qualify for the comrades please?
    Thanking you

  5. Hannes Smit Says:

    I have run the comrades in 2001, what do I have to do to qualify and to run in 2010. Thanks.

  6. kudzanai chikarango Says:

    I want to run in the 2010 comrades marathon for the first time,can you please furnish me with application details. i am a male aged 21 and i leave in zimbabwe

  7. Pearl Madiba Says:

    I want to run the 2010 comrades marathon for the 1st time, can you please send me the application details, I am a 32yr old female.


  8. Leon Jaquire Says:

    Where do I find entry form for 2010 comrades on your web, please.

  9. Johan Says:

    Where on earth does one register for 2010 race. Where are the forms?

  10. Jannie Louw Perm no. 5879 Says:

    Hi, I definately want to enter the 2010 down run. According to what I have read entries were supposed to have opened today 01/09/2009 for previous runners of Comrades, but I can not find the entry form. Please help!

  11. mike webb Says:

    help , i am panicking , want to enter for no 12 but cant get into website at all , surely not 15 000 entries already ?????

  12. Magda Schoeman Says:

    Hi i ran the comrades in 2003 for the first time but did not finish. i would like to enter but cannot find what my number was PLEASE HELP

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