Dis-Chem Half-Marathon 2004

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Sunday 11th January 2004 – Another year – another Dischem 21

This one didn’t really go plan – although after the festive season and a lay-off from races since March 2003, I shouldn’t have expected anything less.

The first 10km’s were a nightmare. It was one of those days when everything was wrong. The shoes were too tight, my calf was cramping, the right hamstring started up once again, my shin was going into some form of spasm etc etc.

I was battling to keep a 7 m/km pace and it wasn’t looking any better, THEN I had a Enervit Sports Gel at 9km’s or 1 hour.

1. The easiest gel to open,
2. The easiest gel to get all the liquid out
3. The easiest gel to drink – no chewing or water required

It took around 5 minutes for the gel to take effect but when it did:

I ran a 5:13km, then 5:20 etc. Never have a taken any supplement that has had such an effect on my performance.

I finished in 2h:14m when I thought that a 2h40m was on the cards.

One thing, the start again !! The gun went off 2 minutes early and the start was a nightmare again on the narrow road – it just cannot handle 4,500 runners. As for the walkers, which have a place on the road, but create havoc when they start with the front pack.

See you again next year …

Dis-Chem Half-Marathon 2003

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Sunday 12th January 2003

Dischem & Bedfordview Athletic Club have done it again.

The field this year seemed more than in previous years but must have been the same due to the 4,000 runner cut-off. In an almost perfect race, the only problem, and I had to look for one, was the narrow start. Starting in the middle of the pack means a 8 minute first kilometer. So if you are going for a PB, start as close to the front as possible. A help would be if the walkers start further back in the pack – with all due respect to the walkers as they are most welcome on race day.

The great thing about the race is the lack of hills. There are slight gradients in the first 10k’s but nothing to really push the heart rate up. The finish is fast and work the quads quite hard.

As for the characters on the road. Everyone seems to know Spiro or “Spi”. This character can run and run pulling all those having a quiet stroll into a steady sub 6m jog. You get the Sports Connection “boys”, the odd Chappie wrapper and the worn-out Germiston Callies ouman, amongst others

My daughter thought Santa had visited again when I arrived home with the goodie bag. A great t-shirt, a great race and well organized event. A definite top 10 for the year.

Time: 2h12m